Good Gifts...

Thanks to Emily's grandma who donated lots of cool stuff to Emily, I was given a new present: an alarm clock! Yet this is no ordinary alarm clock, folks. This alarm clock has the choice of a beep alarm or chirping bird. It also has a speaker to place under your pillow that plays the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the beach, a tropical rain or the night train to lull me to sleep. Here is me setting it up last night:

And here is me blissfully being lulled into sleep by the sound of a night train.

I did, however, have the worst night of sleep that I have had in a long time; I actually woke up every hour. I don't know if the lulling sound of the night train had anything to do with it but I guess I'll find out tonight. If so I guess I'll have to banish the alarm clock to eternal damnation in the back of my closet...or garbage.

Until then, here's to good gifts.
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The EMO Alphabet

Now before all you EMO-influenced people get all up in arms (or cry) over this post, I had to post this to continue the EMO-mocking amongst friends. I really do care about you. Really.

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A Simple Reunion

The last three years have seen great advances in my culinary talents and abilities. Gone are the days where I burn bagels, where I innocently pull the lid off when cooking rice to stir it around, or forgetting about the boiling water on the stove only to remember when all the water is evaporated and the metal pot bottom is burnt through. While I still do forget about the boiling water on the stove from time to time I figure myself to be somewhat of a culinary chef-in-the-making.

Nevertheless, last week to my dismay I realized that I had only $12 to buy groceries for the next two weeks. Being the elitist that I am you can imagine the disgust I held when I realized I could no longer buy all the vegetables, meat, and cheese necessary to make my culinary masterpieces. Instead, I found my myself in front of the jam, peanut butter, and Cheeze Whiz aisle looking at jam.

For a couple days I ignored the jam and bread that was at the back of my refrigerator shelf. Three days ago I gave in and and reduced myself to such seemingly "petty" food. To my confusion I found myself enjoying the two pieces of jam toast I ate. Memories of my childhood came flashing back to me as I stared at those pieces of toast with jam. So simple, yet so good.

Ever since then I have spent most of my meals eating jam with toast.

Here is to enjoying the simple things in life.

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Pink Floyd vs. Erick Prydz - Proper Education

Interesting remix by Eric Prydz on and old Pink Floyd song, combining the French physical art, parkour, and environmentalism. check it out:

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Doritos Commercials

hehe, I like these:



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Banquet '07

So last night was Redeemer's annual Winter banquet. Here are some pictures from the dinner and dance:

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